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                        Coffee provides more than just a morning
                        jolt; that steaming cup of java is also the
                        number one source of antioxidants in the
                        U.S. diet.
                                    —EurekAlert (28 Aug 2005)

In my sleek brown craft,
I maneuver these subterranean
rivers of incarnadine liquid,
slipping over and around

the massive saucers of red
flesh that float and lumber, full,
like huge round canteens,
of life-giving oxygen bubbles.

Off the port and starboard,
brick-red walls of the slick tunnel
swoosh by, glimmering
a dim yellow light from nodules

of luminescent glass. Ahead,
a mob of spiked, green-blue,
jagged-winged creatures
block the clear passage through,

threatening the clean flow
of goods here with radical
senseless violence, sharp claws
grazing the canal walls.

My fingers flicker in orchestral
dance across my rainbow-
colored buttons and controls,
launching electron torpedoes

that explode the monster radicals,
dispatching them back to their hell.

— Vince Gotera


Vince Gotera teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Northern Iowa, where he served as Editor at the North American Review. Recent poems appeared in The American Journal of Poetry’s inaugural issue, Star*Line, Parody Poetry Journal, Dreams & Nightmares, Altered Reality Magazine, and Eunoia Review. Vince blogs at The Man with the Blue Guitar: … thanks.

Editor’s Notes: About the image: Veins, Arteries, Blood, Circuit, Blood Circulation by Max Pixel (CC0) combined with Fighter plane vector image (CC0)