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My Mom and Her Home

Fabiyas-M-V_My-Mom-and-Her-HomerThese old stones
have undressed their
plaster-clothes. Her roof
is tattered, yet she declines my call.

Fashion and novelty
never tempt her. Her soles
sometimes soil her floor, but she
doesn’t fear a stretched-out index finger .

She refuses a share
of yummy Chinese noodles
or Arabian barbecue chicken
from my kitchen beyond the fence.

She takes steamed rice
and cheap sardine curry
as five-star food to her home.
No one teases her, the ill-mannered slurps.

She hears his footsteps
from the corridor of hallucination.
Nobody chimes in, her secret whisperings.
She likes the fright, the wilderness of dark lonely nights.

Nude red stones in her wall
remain as remnants of old love.
She’ll never come to stay in our new home,

she likes to be on her own always.


— Fabiyas M V



Fabiyas M V is a writer from Orumanayur village in Kerala, India. He is the author of Moonlight and Solitude. His fiction and poems have appeared in Westerly, Forward Poetry, The Literary Hatchet, E Fiction, Off the Coast, Anima, Structo, and in several anthologies. He won many international accolades including the Poetry Soup International Award (USA), the RSPCA Pet Poetry Prize (UK), Speaking of Women Story Prize (Canada), and The Most Loved Poet For March 2014 Award by E Fiction (India). His poems have been broadcast on the All India Radio.

angels dream up the wildest excuses


for waking up late, for missing meetings,
for eating cheese puffs just before supper,
for the broken window next door,
and the marbles stuck up little sister’s nose

responsibility is reserved for earthly matters,
consequences of flesh & bone where
one + one equals two rather than infinity
spun into spiral springs and bounced down

the stairs to crash ceremoniously against physics
so angels can dream lugubrious visions
of sanguine potential and accomplish nothing
of purpose, merely lending ethereal ears

to fickle issues of time-trapped myopic beings
offering to salve the trauma of physics


— John Reinhart


An arsonist by trade, John Reinhart lives on a farmlette in Colorado with his wife and children. His poetry has recently been published in Scifaikuest, Star*Line, and FishFood Magazine. More of his work is available at