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The future of autopsy reporting

from the allotted bloom
spewing lilac into april

                    some emerge

through the cartoonish hole
installed in my skull:
all spaces
some dashes trail
there is an escape hatch!
nine floors from the first
riddle we read in empty midtown
(I hover in sure-footedness)
I am a wing-walker in the
                    black &
that announces you like
a lukewarm idea
in opinionated lighting

(I coinhabit your lobby art
amid plotting plants:

ficus                couch ficus

philodendron philodendron
the couch is done for          )

something about concrete being
                    in limbo
the rabble rousing continues
we gulped too much
all consider the afterlife from
afterthoughts become regardless
intent is squinty in the eyes
in my back pocket
I keep a suicide note folded upon
itself just so
just so death never finds
me accidentally

— Joshua Bird

Joshua Bird is a modern hermit. He can(not) be found hiding from the oppressive Floridian sun by day & wallowing in sentences that hang slightly ajar by night. His work can be or will be found in Eye Flash PoetryInk in Thirds, & Visions International. Visit his website:

Image Notes: This bizarro/weird poem (see is complemented with lilacs and a superimposed skull.