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Chronicles of the War with Qua’a

altar stone of Qua’a
across crystal striations

the blood-dawn rises

war waged from darkness
the invaders’ tentacles
reaching out for blood

now purple mottles
rising along the whip stings

and vision blurs

after the conquest
our diaspora scattered
to the spiral’s arm

falling out of time
we turn toward emptiness

searching for new stars


— John Hawkhead


Qua’a is a fictional name of a place/civilization




John Hawkhead’s scifaiku have been published previously in Urban Fantasist and SciFaikuest. He’s a a writer/illustrator whose work has been published all over the world. is twitter account is @HawkheadJohn



Editor’s Notes: Image is that of a surreal octopus on the globular cluster in Hercules, M13