Silver Blade Magazine is an all-volunteer publication of Silver Pen, which is a IRS 501(c)3 recognized charity. The primary objectives of Silver Pen are as follows:

  1. To promote and provide assistance to creative writers through peer review, outreach programs, writers workshops, surveys, conferences, symposiums, blogs, internet tools, and forums;
  2. To support the growth of creative writing skills among the membership of Silver Pen, young aspiring writers and the public at large;
  3. To assist aspiring professional in writing related field build skill sets that ensure their success;
  4. To provide a free internet peer review process for works created by members of Silver Pen;
  5. To provide a freely accessible registry/CV of works written by Silver Pen members and published in print or electronically by non-vanity publishers;
  6. To publish and assist in the publication of works created by members of Silver Pen and the public at large;
  7. To empower and engage people around the world to develop public domain creative writing educational content, and to disseminate it effectively and globally;
  8. To keep useful tools and information resulting from Silver Pen endeavors available on the Internet free of charge, in perpetuity;
  9. To establish, encourage, and enforce Standards of Professional Conduct among Silver Pen members;
  10. To publish and distribute books, periodicals, and articles supportive of activities and purposes of Silver Pen.

Our  By-Laws are available publicly. There are many ways you can support our endeavors. The quickest is simply to click the button below and donate any amount you desire. Another is to use Ebay’s unique Mission Fish program. This is where you sell items on Ebay, and then donate a percentage to the charity of your choice. We have been certified for the eBay “Giving Works” program since 2009. Our Mission Fish nonprofit ID is 35676.

We also have a charity profile at – prospective New York area volunteers are encouraged to check here for possible projects they can donate.

…and of course you can always donate time in other ways. Contact us through for greater detail.


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