Introduction to Silver Blade Poetry Issue 40

First, I want to recognize the nominees for a couple prestigious awards:

2018 Puschcart Prize
“Latch Lock & Chain” Marge Simon Issue 37: Feb 2018
“The Light in the Window” Marge Simon Issue 38: May 2018
“The Valley of Dry Bones” Corrine De Winter Issue 38: May 2018
“Perseids” Ann Thornfield-Long Issue 39: Aug 2018
“I had once built a birdhouse” Nikhita Kokkirala Issue 39: Aug 2018
“For The Man That Makes Me Smoke” Aleczandria Yeager Issue 40: Nov 2018

2018 Best of the Net

“Settling on Mars” by Marge Simon Issue 35: Aug 2017
“You lean into this tree as if its roots” by Simon Perchik Issue 35: Aug 2017
“Robot Motivation” by Ken Poyner Issue 37: Feb 2018
“Howl” by Ann Thornfield-Long Issue 37: Feb 2018
“Oumuamua” by Lauren McBride Issue 37: Feb 2018
“The Book of Eve” by Corrine De Winter Issue 38: May 2018

Second, please enjoy another group of talented poets for the November 2018 issue (40) over the Thanksgiving holidays:

Tomorrow the Scarecrow” by Paul Sherman
For The Man That Makes Me Smoke” by Alecz Yeager
Dark Dragons” by Christina Sng
Edge” by F. J. Bergmann
To Io” by Mindy Watson
Escape from Zero” by Vanessa Kittle
Singer” by Mickey Kulp


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