The Valley of Dry Bones

        For George Lenker

Not South, but somewhere in an arid space
Where your heart beats slower,
Surprise having flown away long ago
Like a mockingbird.

This blue landscape whose landmarks
Are your being, flat-line highway
Dividing you down the middle.
This is the place
Of heavy shadows, silhouette buildings
That neither welcome nor reject you,
Only bring to mind the possibility
Of warm rooms
And tender mirrors.

You have traveled for years
To reach The Valley of Dry Bones
With only sips of clean water
And a few crumbs of memory
To tide you over.

— Corrine De Winter

Corrine De Winter is an author and Stoker Award Winner for her poetry collection The Women at the Funeral. Her inspirational writings have been published in many journals, (her poems “Bless The Day”, “Bedside Prayers,” “The Language of Prayer,” “Teen Sunshine,” etc., continue to be used in traditional church services, ceremonies, and on many websites). She has won numerous awards for her writing from the New York Quarterly, Triton College of Arts & Sciences, and The Rhysling Science Fiction Award. Her work has been applauded by such luminaries as William Peter Blatty (The Excorcist), Tom Monteleone, Thomas Ligotti, Nick Cave, Stanley Wiater, Heather Graham, and others. William Packard, former editor of the New York Quarterly, was a mentor publishing De Winter’s work early on and inviting her to write “The Present State of American Poetry,” a regular feature in the journal. At Packard’s invitation, she read her poetry at the New School in NYC, and continued a rapport with Packard until his passing. Packard was a big supporter of Charles Bukowski, and De Winter was published with him several times in his last years. A naturalist, philanthropist, metaphysical seeker, artist and the founder of “Small World Fund For Children,” Radio Host for SUPERNATURAL RADIO, on the website, De Winter lives between this world and the next.

Image Notes: Artwork, “Stranded,” by Nikolai Lockertsen