Insectoid Apes

That’s what they called us:
Skunk-apes with exoskeletons
Quickly detachable for easy assembly
(Until they learned that the electronica
Was optional but well worth the extra cost)

But all the organic matter (including the smell)
Came with the original packaging,
Ready for the children to enjoy
On backwater planets—real tech
Just a memory; play-acting, really easy.
Batteries, unfortunately, are not included, and
We never tell them in advance
That the fuel we operate on
Is meat.

— Denise Dumars


Denise Dumars is the author of Paranormal Romance: Poems Romancing the Paranormal, nominated for an Elgin Award. She also has been nominated for Rhysling, Dwarf Stars, and the Best of the Net awards for individual poems. She writes short fiction and metaphysical nonfiction. A novel that she wrote with Corrine DeWinter is currently seeking publication. She teaches college English in the Los Angeles area.

Editor’s Notes: “Skunk-apes with exoskeletons” stimulated the enhanced effects of an ape image in Darth Vader garb.

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