They said they cleaned out
the ship completely—
scrubbed out the last screams
and left-over guts of those
sacrificed to a faulty
radiation filter. And yet,
sit for an hour or two
paired with an android
who should be as lifeless
as the bridge doors
that always shut so quietly.
Over the whispers and sighs
of forgotten voices you know
are only in your head,
you cannot ignore the android
that is sitting next to you
and who is, you can swear,
somehow breathing.

— Rohinton Daruwala


Rohinton Daruwala lives and works in Pune, India. He writes code for a living, and speculative fiction and poetry in his spare time. He tweets as @wordbandar and blogs at https://wordbandar.wordpress.com/. His first collection of poems is The Sand Libraries of Timbuktu (Speaking Tiger, 2016). His work has previously appeared in Strange Horizons, New Myths, Star*Line, Liminality, Through the Gate and Silver Blade.

Editor’s notes: Image is a superpositioning of chiaralily’s Cyborg 110/365 Photo Manipulations Project (CC2.0) a planet fantasy (public domain)