Haiku Swarm


Black beetles crackle
Beneath my tan, sandaled feet
My life marked like ink

Rules of the Rodeo

Rough dusty cowboys
Ants topple black carcasses
fighting for the prize

Laws of Nature

Gap-toothed dragonflies
whirling through branch obstacles
dodge the lizard net

Unrequited Love

We desire   sweat   and   buzz
Work to be noticed and not
Hail our queen…and die

— Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence has recent poems appearing in Eye to the Telescope, Altered Reality Magazine, Popcorn Press’s Lupine Lunes anthology, Rattle (online), Crow Hollow 19, haikuniverse, and other venues. She won third place in the Short Form division of the 2016 Science Fiction Poetry Association contest. Kathleen was Poet of the Week at Poetry Super Highway during January 2017.

Editor’s Notes: The image is a collage of a scarab beetle, black ants (shutterstock), and a dragonfly (Pixabay).


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