Welcome to the Silver Pen Writers Association group of publications. From this web page, you will have an opportunity to submit your work to these fine venues:

  • Fabula Argentea (FA) is open to all genres as well as literary fiction.
  • Youth Imagination (YI) is particularly interested in creative fiction stories by teens, but will also accept YA stories by adult authors.
  • Silver Blade (SB) publishes cutting edge science fiction, slipstream, and classic and modern fantasy.
  • Liquid Imagination (LI) specializes in dark speculative fiction and awe inspiring literary stories.

General guidelines common to all of our publications:

Give us something unexpected and well written.  Technique, voice, characterization, and language will all play a part in our decision to publish.  Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and memorable characters.  Give us a story readers will not be able to forget and will eagerly recommend to others. 

If you want us to take your work seriously, please edit and proofread carefully prior to submission.  Manuscripts with significant typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors—where we feel compelled to grab a red pen after reading the first couple of pages—will likely be rejected outright without being read further.  The following are “hard sells” here:

  • Stories possessing several of the cliché elements listed here.
  • Fan Fiction
  • Anthropomorphism (Please query prior to submitting a story about a talking cat, or bird, or dog, or whatever)
  • Porn (Tasteful erotica may be considered by FA, but you must inquire first).

Our editorial policies respect the artistic license of our authors.  However, there are occasions when changes are needed that go beyond basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections. In any case, the author will always be given final approval, prior to publication, over substantial edits made by our staff. We appreciate your willingness to work with us in this regard.

Format and Deadlines

All submissions should…

  • Have 1 inch margins, single spaced lines, with extra space between paragraphs
  • Refrain from using fancy headers or footers, text effects, background colors or images.
  • Use a standard font (Arial, Calibri, Times Roman, Courier) in 10, 11 or 12 point size.

Three of our publications come out once a quarter, in the first week of the months below:

  • Silver Blade:  February, May, August, and November
  • Fabula Argentea:  January, April, July, and October
  • Liquid Imagination: March, June, September and December

We have one publication that is published monthly:

  • Youth Imagination is published on the 21st of every month.

Submissions for upcoming issues cut off roughly a month before the publication date. We read submissions continuously and all works that arrive after a cut-off date will remain in the queue for the following issue. We try to respond within two months of receiving a submission. Please inquire on status after 60 days if you have not received a response from us.

Rights and Royalties (revised January 27, 2014)

Silver Pen pays a flat fee of $8 for short stories and poems, $3 for flash, $15 to $25 for Longer Stories (7500 to 20,000 words), and $25 for Featured Poets (invitation only). A $2 bonus will be added for authors who accept payment via Paypal (which shall be the assumed payment method unless you specifically state otherwise). Note: Only authors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have the option of receiving a mailed check. Everyone else MUST use PayPal or forfeit payment.

In exchange, we require:

For previously unpublished WORK

The AUTHOR grants First World Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Anthology Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Archival Rights to the PUBLISHER

For previously published WORK

The AUTHOR grants World Reprint Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Non-exclusive Anthology Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Archival Rights to the PUBLISHER

  • Assurance that submitted work is not currently published elsewhere (including freely accessibly “public” Internet sites);
  • Authors must warrant that they are the sole author of the work, that the work is original, and that no other entity has reserved the rights required by Silver Pen for publication;
  • Authors must warrant that the work does not contain libelous material or material copyrighted by another party.

Other important Points

  • Pieces posted for critique on a controlled-access website (user ID and password required to access) do not count as “published.”
  • submissions –at— is used solely for author communication and inquiries. Writers are strongly encouraged to add it to their trusted sender email address list.
  • All submissions must be submitted through our Submittable web page. Works sent to submissions –at— will be deleted without reading them.
  • We allow simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere. We are an all-volunteer organization and our time is limited.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome, but we will not publish more than one piece by an author in any single issue (exception: Poetry submissions to SB). 
  • If you use Duotrope, please remember to report your responses. It helps keep us honest.

Now, click one of the buttons below to submit your work!

  • Fabula Argentea

    Flash fiction: up to 1,000 words

    Short stories: 1,000 to 10,000 words

    Writers of quality fiction are invited to submit their works for possible publication in Fabula Argentea. We plan to publish only 5-6 stories per quarterly issue, so we're looking for the very best.  Give us something unexpected and well written.  Technique, voice, characterization, and language will all play a part in our decision to publish.  Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and memorable characters.  Give us a story readers will not be able to forget and will eagerly recommend to others.  We love humor, including offbeat and satire.  If you want to know the type of creative humor we especially appreciate, read anything by Christopher Moore.

    FA prefers fiction under 6000 words, but we will consider exceptional pieces up to 10,000 words.


    Accepted Document Types: doc, docx, txt, rtf
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  • Youth Imagination

    Flash Size limit: 200 to 999 words (pays $3/flash)

    Short Story Size limit: 1000 to 8,000 words (pays $8/story)

    Long Story Size limit: 8,001 to 20,000 words (pays $15/long story)

    In addition to the payments, there is a bonus of $2 per flash, story or long story for accepting payment via PayPal.

    Youth Imagination is interested in creative fiction stories by teens as well as by adult authors. Make the stories awesome, inspiring and engaging. Our goal is to publish the best writing for and by teens. We particularly love stories exploring their issues, such as bullying, drugs, romance, school, parental issues, teacher issues, etc., as well as about the grit and character of teens and young adults.

    We accept most genres of fiction, including modern, urban or classical fantasy, as well as sci-fi, slipstream, literary, action-adventure or suspense.

    Accepted Document Types: doc, txt, rtf
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  • Silver Blade Fiction or Article

    Story Size range: 7,500 to 20,000 words

    Writers of cutting edge Science Fiction, Slipstream, Classic and Modern Fantasy are invited to submit their works here. Romance might be accepted, provided it has a strong fantasy element to it. Wow us. We are looking for stories beyond great, we want amazing stories. We want fantastic creatures and impossible worlds. We want characters and stories readers will remember long afterward.

    Submit only one (1) story per file, and upload only one file at a time. Make sure to note in your cover message whether your submission is intended as a Short Story or a Serial. This will make a difference on editorial assignments.

    Feature Article Size limit: 1,500 words.

    Articles about all aspects of writing are always welcomed. The goal is to be helpful to your fellow writers in some fashion. Got something? Send it! We’d love to see it. This is also an opportunity to become a staff writer for Silver Pen.

    Accepted Document Types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, wpf, odt
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  • Silver Blade Speculative Poetry in Translation

    Silver Blade Magazine is featuring Speculative Poetry in Translation for its special 2015 issue. We are seeking previously unpublished English translations (unless you can submit a sufficiently fresh translation) of literary quality poems with speculative elements that have been previously published in any language except English.

    Submit up to three poems of any style or length (up to 500 word each in English) in a single Word (doc or docx) plus a PDF or image file for each poem in its native language to ensure proper accents and characters are preserved. Please see additional details and submit via our online submission manager — Submittable. We are now open for submissions for this special issue until filled.

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  • Silver Blade Poetry

    Size limit: 1000

    Send 2 to 5 unpublished poems in a single Word file (doc or docx) via our online submission manager— Submittable. We publish literary poetry with speculative elements. We prefer free verse poetry between 10-100 lines and prose poems or flash poetry under 500 words. We will consider a limited amount of traditional form poetry, experimental poetry, found poetry (with proper citations) and a constellation of themed Haiku (or titled linked Haiku) consisting of three or more pieces, as well as bilingual submissions (with permissions if necessary). Please submit your poems in a single Word file. Include a cover letter with all contact information, and a lit bio, in the same Word file. Before submitting, it is highly recommended you read several recent issues and comments on our editorial focus (see the poetry editor’s 2011 interview in Six Questions For…  and 2014 in Poetry Pacific Also, do not submit if you are not amenable to editorial suggestions. Optional audio files of accepted poems will be published along with the text.

    By invitation only, we promote Featured Poets with an interview and 3-5 poems. Silver Blade has featured some of the most prominent literary voices in speculative poetry. The list includes winners of awards, such as the Bram Stoker Award, the Heinlein Award, Rhyling Poetry Awards; celebrated editors, including a State Poet Laureate; prolific writers, and a Nobel Prize winning chemist. Since its inception, the list of Featured Poets is listed below:


    • Issue 13           Ken Poyner
    • Issue 14           Michael Avant
    • Issue 15           Linda Addison
    • Issue 16           Changming Yuan


    • Issue 17           Jane Yolen
    • Issue 18           ……………
    • Issue 19           Lyn Lifshin
    • Issue 20           Bruce Boston


    • Issue 21           Geoff Landis & Mary Turzillo
    • Issue 22           Robert Frazier
    • Issue 23           Susan B. Walker
    • Issue 24           Roald Hoffmann


    • Issue 25           Deborah P Kolodji

    Accepted Document Types: doc, docx, (for Found poetry, also include pdf, jpg, png, as necessary)

    Accepted Document Types: doc
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  • All Magazines: Art and Illustrations

    Size limit: 2 MB file

    We would love to see your art. We are always on the look-out for illustrators and artists who would either like to work with us on an on-going basis, or would like to submit an individual piece for consideration. While we cannot offer pro-market pay rates, we can offer exposure far above competitive outlets. Our magazines collectively enjoy over 1 million hits and 30 thousand human visits a month. Staff illustrators receive a per-issue stipend.

    Accepted Document Types: jpg, gif, zip, tiff, png
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